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American Cocker Spaniel




It descends, through a well-taken care of selection, of the Cocker English Spaniel.
Description: It is an aesthetic dog of very pleasant, especially thanks to his gorgeous mantle covers that it entirely. The maximum raised one for the males is of 39.7 cm; the one of the females, 36.8 cm; a stature would take it to superior to the disqualification in a exhibition. It has the cleared skull, wide and deep snout, lips superiors that cover the jaw inferior; strong set of teeth in scissors; truffle with developed nasal graves good, of black color in the black dogs and black fire; in the red ones, color chamois; in the dogs color liver, stained and ruanos, it can be black or brown; always at the most dark better it is. Intelligent and kind eyes, with variable tonalities of color, according to the mantle; very long ears, waved, cayentes; neck muscular, free of papada; tail of bearing in line with the back, in continuous movement. The hair of is released average, of silky texture. The color of the mantle can be black total, black and fire, chamois, cream, ruano, splashed of target.

It cheers, candy, balance, without neurosis, intelligent, tolerant, inseparable friend of the children, obedient, respectful of the authority of the master.

Still owning the dowries of a dog of hunting of the Cocker, its assignment at present is the one of company dog, being very popular anywhere in the world, especially in America.


WEIGHT: 24-28 pounds

HEIGHT: 15 inches maximum

COAT: Long and silky, very abundant, especially the feathering

COLOR: Solid black (including black/tan); any solid color other than black (called ASCOB) such as chocolate, red, buff, sable

OTHER NAMES: Cocker Spaniel


GROUP: Gun Dog




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